Photos from Texas

When I last spoke with Gardiner, she was settling back into Chicago life after her one month long california trip. She told me she was already preparing for another road trip to Texas. A few weeks later I received photos from Texas. Lots of outdoor time where it is sunny in Texas unlike the cold Chicago winter.


New Mexico, Camp Lordsburg
I look up the name of the camp and came across “Lordsburg killings” I read the story and it stuns me how it resembles stories I hear of African American people being treated by the police in today’s America…
Texas, Marfa
While Gardiner was staying at her friend’s cabin in Texas.
At the cabin in Texas
Inside the cabin with the cyanotype fabric
Back in the studio in Chicago. Using cyanotype fabric brought back from the trip. The fish is Koinobori which is used in Japan for children’s day on 5/5.

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