Photos from Chicago

Photos that Gardiner shares with me over our email exchange. They allow me to see her life through her lenses and our interaction feels much more personal and close.


View from her apartment in downtown Chicago during the stay-home order. ガーディナーの住むシカゴの自宅から見える景色。コロナ感染が広がり自粛を求められる中。

Our conversations around Japanese Americans and role of creativity. These are Getas (Japanese traditional shoes) that were made in the internment camp during WWII. 私達の会話の中に出てくる日系アメリカ人のコミュニティの存在。第二次世界大戦中に日系アメリカ人の人達が強制収容所で作った下駄たち。創造する力の意味について思いを巡らせる。

Gardiner teaches art at highschool in Chicago. She prepared gifts to each one of her studernts who were about to graduate. シカゴの高校で美術を教えているガーディナー。共に時間を過ごした教え子達とのお別れの時。ガーディナーお手製のプレゼントを皆んなに配る、そんな彼女の一面に日本っぽさを感じる。

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