Introducing Gardiner

We are very excited to introduce our first guest at Kokono, Gardiner Concannon O’kain!

2020年度、そしてKokono最初のアーティストが決まりました!北米アメリカ合衆国、イリイ州シカゴに在住のガーディナー (Gardiner O’kain)です。

We got to know Gardiner through our mutual friend in Chicago, Fred and Kat early this year. Through our email exchange, Gardiner and I (Sumie) discovered that we appreciate similar things in life such as Kintsugi (pottery mending technique). Gardiner also helped me rediscover another mending tradition of Japan called Boro (old garment full of mending patches and fabric reinforcement as a result of years and years of use). She expressed her interests in staying at Kokono as a base for exploration and to delve deeper into Japanese craft. I was quickly pulled into the world of Gardiner and became intrigued with where she grew up and what makes her who she is today.

Not only I could tell she has curiosity towards Japan but also she is well versed in the culture.Then I discovered that her father is Japanese American. That helped me connect the dots!Our conversations around craft and mending quickly evolved into way of life to different cultures to what is currently taking place as I write this, a state of society.

My interaction with Gardiner comes with ease as Japan connects us instantaneously, yet each time we speak I am excited to stumble upon something unfamiliar as she shares her perspective on life, childhood story and story of everyday life in Chicago.

I feel honored that we could welcome her at Kokono. I also feel excited that she is sharing her journey with us and letting us take part in it.

As for the situation with Corona virus, we do not know what the traveling restriction will look like for the rest of the 2020 and years to come. It definitely became our concern as we contemplated about Kokono. Can we host artists? Can we gather together? What does creativity do (can do) for us, now and in the future. All these questions are still relevant but I felt that staying in touch with Gardiner and sharing some of our interactions with you is
something I could do despite what future may hold for us.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Gardiner via Kokono as we are!







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