In 2013 we happened upon a 150 year old house in Omihachiman, Japan. After a year of getting it to a livable state, we moved in and have been continuing to renovate the house and settle into the community.

The city of Omihachiman is located near Lake Biwa (the largest lake in Japan) about one hour away from Kyoto  by train. Omihachiman once thrived as a trading hub between Kyoto, the former capital and the rest of Japan, enjoying a vibrant merchant culture of its own. The house is in an older neighborhood where remnants of the culture still exist in the form of festivals and community events that keep the bond of the community members strong.

The house is large and open with flexible spaces for studio work, hosting workshops, exhibitions and so on. There are also quiet spots for reading, writing and contemplation. Guests have a private room with free access to the house, kitchen, and bath; shared with our family.