Vintage Papers

Gardiner is on the road again. She emailed me a picture of these vintage papers she saw at a gallery in L.A. I have no idea what they are but I could see them printed on fabrics and that would be fun. I guess my mind has lately been stuck on fabrics and that is where it first wonders to…





Interview 5

Continuing from Interview 3, in hope to get to know Gardiner, the artist, I asked her how she has developed her style and the subject of interests, and where the role of Japanese identity plays in it.





Interview 4

It is the year 2021. It will be almost one year since I was first introduced to Gardiner and our online conversation started. What a year to be sharing moments together. I am so grateful for all the time and input she shared with me. To begin Kokono with a new page, I wanted to ask her how she is feeling, welcoming and looking to the coming year. Here is the response I received!


Photo of favorite thing

It is year 2021 and time is already slipping away… I received an email from Gardiner with a photo of a mug. It is actually in response to an email I wrote last year asking what her favorite thing around the house is.



Photos from Texas

When I last spoke with Gardiner, she was settling back into Chicago life after her one month long california trip. She told me she was already preparing for another road trip to Texas. A few weeks later I received photos from Texas. Lots of outdoor time where it is sunny in Texas unlike the cold Chicago winter.


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Interview 3

When I think of an artist, I imagine someone who as a child was natural either with hands or spent lots of time around creative people. Quite a cliche I know… How did Gardiner get into art? What role does Japan play in her creative expression? Over the next few interviews I will delve into the history and making of the artist Gardiner a little deeper.


Interview 2

When Gardiner talks about her Japanese connection, she often mentions her stepmother, Japanese Canadian Connie. It seems that Gardiner’s interests in Japan became stronger around the time she was first introduced to Connie which is also when she moved to the west coast. I started my second interview by asking her about Connie.